A brief history of about us

Poliseal have been producing top quality sealing elements for the world's hydraulic and pneumatic industry,nearly four decades experience. Using superior production technics and latest technologies with best raw materials in our products. We can provide high performance sealing elements with shorter delivery times to our customers. Poliseal is capable to keep all production processes in-house.This capability gives us more flexible, customer oriented and quality assured products in solving sealing problems. Today, we are proud to servicing our knowledge and our best products with our customers .

Sealing Elements for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Industry


Tool Manufacturing
  • CAD, CAM, CAE.
  • Fea program using for new designs.
  • CNC Lathe, Milling Machine.
  • Large diameter lathe, 1350mm
  • 55Lt Internal Mixer.
  • Open mixing mills.
  • Fabric coating machine.
  • Preshape presses.
  • Compression Moulding Presses.
  • Vacuum Compression Moulding Presses.
  • Plastic Injection Moulding Presses.
  • Tumbler for rubber.
  • Trimming machines.
  • Cold deflashing.
  • Optical control machines.

Quality, Research and Development

Special Purpose Compunds
  • NBR for hydraulic applications.
  • NBR for pneumatic applications.
  • NBR - High abression and chemical resistance for oilfield applications.
  • FKM for high temperature applications
  • DVGW certificated compound for gas applications.
  • Oscilating disc rheometer.
  • Lab oven.
  • Universal testing machine.
  • Compression set testing tools.
  • ISO 9001 Quality certificate.
  • DVGW Gas application certificate.